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GES Perspectives 2013

The Global Economic Symposium (GES) is a solution forum which identifies global challenges, examines their policy and business implications, and formulates concrete proposals for action with a view to creating a better world for the next generation. Unlike many other leading conferences, the Global Economic Symposium is both research-based and strongly action-oriented. Every session of the GES is organized by researchers and an international team of experts and supported by the GES’s own virtual platform. Results of the GES are published in the book Global Economic Solutions, which are submitted to national governments, the major international organizations, business leaders, academics and the wider GES community. The GES takes place in alteration between Kiel, Germany, and a major international center. This year’s GES will take place in Kiel from 1st to 2nd October.

GES Perspectives is a forum for Future Challenges bloggers who will attend the Global Economic Symposium. Each of our GES bloggers will take part in a session at the annual conference. They will regularly publish blogposts dealing with the topics of their session. Our goal is to provide diverse perspectives on the topics that will be discussed at the Global Economic Symposium. We have chosen one blogger out of each of the nine Future Challenges regional networks.

GES Perspective

  • Redefine the economy, yes, but who’s buying?

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    Who changes the world? Politicians, civil society organizations, the government, businesses, people, ideas, or inventions? I suppose we will never agree on this, but apparently economists think that they can and they have good reasons to do so. The recent Global Economic Symposium, held in Kiel, Germany, took “Redefining Success” […]

  • From Pakistan to Germany — For a Better Tomorrow

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    This post was produced for the Global Economic Symposium 2013. Read more at While growing up in a tiny underdeveloped village in Pakistan, where even the availability of electricity was a blessing, I had seen the best and the worst of life at a very young age. The people around […]

  • Redefining Success: the Story of the Blind Men and the Elephant

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    This post was produced for the Global Economic Symposium 2013. Read more at What is success? Why redefine it? What’s the deal with “sustainability”? Why is it important? If you attended the recently concluded Global Economic Symposium (GES 2013), you would have heard at least a dozen different perspectives […]