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Our news section is for important commentary and news that doesn’t fit under one of our Global Issues. Sometimes we use this space to comment on major current events, and sometimes we use it to cover conferences or share interviews we’ve snapped up. We also share news from our project team here.


  • The New Content Strategy for FutureChallenges

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    The new content strategy strengthens the main focus of FutureChallenges: to rise awareness and to better understand the interdependencies of various megatrends. The “Local Views” (= blogposts by the international FC_org blogger team) are an important feature within this strategy. While on the previous platform – which was indeed a […]

  • Megatrends Are Defining Our Future

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    Understanding megatrends – their characteristics and impacts – is not easy and is made even more difficult by the fact that we lack a common understanding of what exactly they  are. The trend analyst and futurist Matthias Horx provides a helpfully short definition (taken from this website): A megatrend has […]

  • The Most Dangerous Place for Journalists

    Written by is a global project with a blogger network that stretches across the world. The FutureChallenges team is thus informed about the working conditions for journalists and bloggers in many countries. Recently, the journalist Saleem Shahzad has been killed in Pakistan after he had been reporting on the connections between […]

  • Visualizations For A Better Understanding

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    We are just at the beginning to see really exciting infographics, interactive charts and various kind of visualizations on the web. News companies like The Guardian are at the forefront, just remember what they came up with regarding wikileaks. For us at futurechallenges (open) data visualization is an important  issue. […]

  • Where Scientists and Netizens Meet

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    Andreas Esche is director of the program “Shaping the Global Future” at Bertelsmann Stiftung and in this function responsible for For him is a milestone in the way Bertelsmann Stiftung is bridging the gap between science and networks and in the way it’s embracing social media. Ulrike interviewed […]