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Luis Felipe Morgado Luis Felipe

Young professional currently working in São Paulo, Brazil, in risk consulting. I am passionate about the intersection of politics and markets, with a focus on integrity and governance in developing countries.
  • People in front of the unemployment agency in Spain. Photo taken by Ekinez Sorty on Wikicommons. CC-BY 2.0.

    Finding a Job, Changing a Market

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    Much has been discussed about the recent wave of qualified migrants from Europe to Brazil, and how this is a solution for a hopeless generation in the Old continent. But what can their job-searching skills and aspirations bring back to the emerging country?

  • Boys are playing in between the ruins of Gaza City.

    (Mis)understanding Conflict

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    Social media have amplified the power of pictures, and with this the need to ponder the meaning of such pictures. Do they allow for deeper understanding, or rather mis-inform us? A voyage through Susan Sontag, the Gaza War and Facebook.

  • Supreme Court in Brasília.

    A New Step for Brazilian Democracy?

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    The ongoing trial of several high-ranking public officials in Brazil involved in the mensalão scandal – a widespread corruption scheme – has caught the attention of the Brazilian and international media. In particular, The Economist has covered this issue in pieces that provide a balanced background for the non-Brazilian reader, while […]