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Miss Nkemdilim C. Uwaje BSc. Hons is a Director of Future Software Resources Nigeria Ltd.. She attained a BSc. Hons in Bioinformatics at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU), as well as the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Germany. She has worked on various research projects at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatric Research in the department for Statistical Genetics and Proteomics, as well as for the Pharmaceutical Company Affectis Pharmaceuticals AG, Germany. These research projects encompass the development of software solutions for complex biological as well as chemical calculations and simulations, database design and administration as well as statistical analysis. After re-locating to Nigeria in 2005 Miss Uwaje was involved in various research projects, such as the Wazobia Linux initiative, the E-Government Interoperability Framework, NITDA Open Standards Framework, as well as the deployment of e-commerce and e-portal solutions in the Nigerian public and private sector. In early 2008 she took up her position as Managing Director of Future Software Resources Nigeria Ltd. and re-branded the company, thus changing its focus from stand-alone solutions to web based educational, enterprise and business solutions. Nkem is also a co-founder of Bake for Change, a charity baking club that is focused on empowering street children that are being catered to in 7 Lagos State run homes. Their activities span from youth empowerment, renovation projects, giving back all the way to educational initiatives. She is also a Board member of the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) and all blog posts in this blog are on behalf of the WSYA. For more details visit
  • Street Children, Education & National Security

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    Sometimes we forget how privileged we really are, sometimes we take the little things for granted. Sometimes we act and live like we have the right to certain things. The right to a safe and secure home while growing up; the right to love; the right to education; the right […]

  • OccupyNigeria – The End or The Beginning?

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    The month of January is coming to and end. It’s the year 2012 and Nigerians are slowly going back to every day life, or so it seems. On the 1st of January, shortly after the announcement of the subsidy removal, which catapulted Nigerians into a state of shock, anger and […]