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Sophie Waldschmidt Twitter: so_walds

Sophie is currently working as a Finance and Banking Consultant for the German Development Agency GIZ in Yangon. Before coming to Myanmar, she was working as a Microfinance Junior Consultant for the German development bank KfW in Frankfurt. Sophie loves to engage in political, cultural and globalization debates and is a graduate of Freiburg University and Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence.
  • Water – A dangerous drink in Myanmar

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    Every week, my flat mates and I purchase a 20 litres drinking water tank from the street vendors in our township in downtown Yangon. We pay 500 Kyats (about 40 Euro Cents) and get a sealed tank, which is a lot cheaper than bottled water (for which you almost pay […]

  • Mobile Banking in Myanmar: No Gold Rush Yet!

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    This was the first time I bought something on the black market. Yet I would have expected to have to enter a semi-legal market for purchasing other items than a perfectly ordinary SIM card. But when the Myanmar government stopped issuing temporary SIM cards in July 2013, the only way […]