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Sonam Ongmo Twitter: SonamOngmoSonam

Bhutanese writer committed to social justice. Regional Editor for Asia Future Challenges Writer with Global Voices (citizen media) Board member of Bhutan Foundation Communications Consultant for National Environmental Commission of Bhutan Communications Officer for Save the Children Bhutan Journalist with Bhutan's national newspaper Kuensel
  • Bhutan’s Money Minting Larva/fungi

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    In 1998 Norman Myers, a British environmentalist specializing in biodiversity, ranked Bhutan as one of the top ten biodiversity hotspots in the world. This was because: i) the diverse topography and climatic conditions – ranging from Alpine conditions in the north to temperate and sub-tropical conditions in the south – […]

  • Ninjas Threaten Way of Life in Mongolian Grasslands

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    “Ninja”–or artisan miners–in Mongolia are people who dig dirt, live like outlaws and seek gold on old/used mining fields. There are around 5000 such artisan miners working in Uyanga soum /village/ of Uvurkhangai aimag / province/ in Mongolia, today. It was rumored that ninjas were reducing in last few years […]

  • The United Nations General Assembly 2010

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    The UN General Assembly started in New York yesterday, 20th September, with several world leaders talking about their commitments to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said that, “despite the obstacles, despite the skepticism, despite the fast-approaching deadline of 2015, the Millennium Development Goals […]