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  • El lado oscuro del TLCAN: una historia sobre el campesinado en México

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    Abstract: In spite of the enormous commercial benefits brought by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), millions of Mexican farmers have been forced to withdraw from the market as an effect of poorly regulated liberalization and national agricultural policies. Small Mexican producers lack the necessary resources to compete against […]

  • Globalisation: No less than a zero sum game for Pakistan

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    I think that every theory and system comes with its own set of positives and negatives, so there’s always a need to balance factors to sustain the policies induced from them to gain maximum benefit. Globalisation also came to Pakistan with an equal set of positives and negatives which needed to be […]

  • Mining Propaganda provokes the People of Mongolia

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    This poster by Oyu Tolgoi mining (OT) – a copper and gold mining company in Mongolia – shows the share of Rio Tinto (29%)  in the form of a loaf of bread. Rio Tinto and the government of Mongolia  are co-owners of the OT mining company. But in reality Rio Tinto actually has […]

  • Uganda’s oil discovery: Losers and Winners

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    Uganda will soon join the league of countries producing oil as the pumping of this natural resource begins in 4 years’ time. With about 1.8 billion untapped barrels of oil, Uganda is expected to join sub-Saharan Africa‘s major oil producers like Nigeria, Angola and Sudan. As such, Ugandans are waiting […]