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  • manifestación en puerta del sol madrid

    La crisis no es contagio: es una enfermedad terminal

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    Abstract: The crisis has not spread, it has not been infected. Rather, it has been revealed in one country and another. It is not contagious as such, as happened in its time with the many plagues that struck Europe. It is rather a capillarity effect of the market. Capital while, almost […]

  • We Can’t Be Hit by the Crisis, We’re Always in Crisis

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    When the financial crisis hit the Western world, a saying spread throughout Macedonia: ‘We can’t be hit by the crisis, we’re always in crisis’ This was very true at the time. The financial crisis of 2007-2008 brought the collapse of powerful financial institutions and caused a downward spiral in the […]

  • Bird Flu crossing borders: Migratory birds' flyways. UN FAO/OIE. CC BY 2.0.

    At Risk of the Flu

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    “Only a crisis- actual or perceived- produces real change”- Milton Friedman In September 2011, Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Centre stood at a scientific conference in Malta and announced that he had created a mutated strain of Avian Influenza that could be the deadliest contagious disease in history. Concurrently, […]