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  • A Tale of Social Activism in Nigeria

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    Thinking of what we now know as Enough is Enough Nigeria always leaves me with three feelings: Pride – that I was a part of something whose influence transcends the shores of this country. Despair – that five years after, the issues that gave birth to it are still the […]

  • Is Mexico beating a retreat from democracy?

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    2013 was meant to be Mexico’s year to prove it could get back in the game, and become a more dominant economic power. President Enrique Peña Nieto attracted the world media spotlight after taking office, pushing his party’s (PRI) modern face and pursuing a series of aggressive reforms. Caught in […]

  • Taking a Second Shot at Democracy

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    Second chances are hard to get. And when they do come they are burdened with the nostalgia of a failed past, hopes for an aspirational future, and tinged with a splash of careless apathy that banks on a third chance if this second one is missed as well. Nepal is now […]

  • Molotov, I love it

    Egypt: Let’s play politics not the victim game!

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    Last Saturday, some Egyptian activists went to demonstrate at the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters. They demonstrated by drawing arrows on the street pointing to the headquarters and proclaiming, “here lies the sheep pen”. Brotherhood members then came and beat them up. Now both sides are playing victims.   Each side tells […]