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  • Education Strikes

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    The education sector, deemed one of the most important pillars of development in post-Arab Spring Egypt, is struggling as we approach the second anniversary of the January 25 revolution. Educators in the public sector suffer from low wages and job insecurity, while increasing university tuition and declining standards enrage students […]

  • Uganda Celebrates Golden Independence; New Challenges Ahead

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    On 9th October Uganda marked 50 years of independence with pomp, colour, showcasing the country’s air power and a choreographic presentation of how far the country has moved and projection of the future. Becoming an independent state in 1962, Uganda has since had 9 heads of state with pioneer executive […]

  • Imer Selmani running for elections in Macedonia

    When Ethnos Decides, Not Demos

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    When voters go to the voting booth they think which candidate offers the best program for education, the lowest taxes, the best pension system, the most reliable healthcare system, the economic policies that ensure low interest rates, safety in the streets, etc. We might assume that voters in Macedonia face […]

  • Egyptian boys reading Photo taken by Ben Barber on Wikimedia Commons,

    Egypt: The myth of free education

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    Ever since Gamal Abdul Nasser first laid the cornerstone for granting every Egyptian the right to free education, we have enjoyed the “liberty” of so-called “free” education. Nasser had some ideals he wanted to achieve, and he did a lot for the poor and the oppressed – who have turned […]

  • Education is igniting a brain to find and make its own knowledge. Image adapted by the author (CC-by 2.0)

    Egypt: In Knowledge We Trust

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    Loads of bits and gallons of ink have been spilled over the Arab Spring, the advent of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Arab Winter, etc. Yet not much attention has been paid to education although it all boils down to education, as the general idea goes. Of course, you […]