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  • Listening to the quietest voices

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    On the 19th of October 2011 I attended a symposium hosted by the University of Queensland (Centre for Communication and Social Change), titled “Listening to the quietest voices.” Any debate about the Greater ‘We’ (or greater common good) requires the creation of a space for genuine dialogue to occur, including with […]

  • Has America Found Its Occupation?

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    I could hear the bongos playing from down the block. As I walked closer to Zuccotti Park, the pseudo headquarters of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, every one of my senses lit up. I saw colorful costumes and hand-painted signs, I felt the massive throng of people sliding along as […]

  • "Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad"

    It´s all about real social cohesion!

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    Everything started in August 2008 when all kinds of Mexicans flooded the Zócalo -the main square in the historic center of Mexico City –  with thousands of lit candles in a mass demonstration of their unease. The assassination of the son of Alejandro Marti – a renowned Mexican businessman – […]

  • The Greater We: Who is the ‘We’?

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    While 20th century promised us wonderlands, 21st century is bringing in a new clarity through revolutions where the greater we knows that a ‘final solution’ is never feasible and there are many ‘we’s in a ‘greater we’.