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  • Urban Dreams & Squatter Realities: Honiara

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    Urban Dreams Offices, salaries and opportunity colour the imagined ideal of The City. While for a privileged few this may indeed be a reality, for many this dream ends upon arrival and the reality of job scarcity, nepotism and high rent dawns. This is particularly so in the context of […]

  • Exportar microfinanzas

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    [jwplayer mediaid=”16971″]   Abstract: In the 1980’s a couple of NGO’s started working on the possibilities of introducing micro-finance in Bolivia. These NGO’s suceeded in their task mainly because they received international cooperation and because state politics allowed them to introduce this new finantial system designed to grant credit to […]

  • Economic success at Europe’s expense?

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    “Millions of rapacious Germans are coming every year as tourists and eating us out of house and home, tearing up our first class roads, taking shameless advantage of our cheap services, fantastic food and boundless hospitality. … And rapacious Germans forced people to invest their capital in German industry. Germany thrives […]