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  • Outsourced to India?

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    When we were students and read or heard about some multinational company outsourcing its business processes to India, it always excited us because it meant more chances of finding a well paid job. Go to any big Indian city, and you will find people directly or indirectly associated with outsourcing software services, the services industry […]

  • Should we still believe the IMF?

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    Since the end of the 1970s, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have advised developing countries to adopt pro-growth policies, supposed to be a vector for jobs and well-being. But in many cases, these reforms have led to growth without jobs. The English economist John Williamson named […]

  • Cómo romper la cadena de la desigualdad

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    Abstract: The income inequality in Bolivia is a result of the little chances a person has to obtain a proper public education or job skills that might enable him or her to get a good job. This situation has caused the perpetuation of the lack of opportunities so poor people […]