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Women’s Work

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Women's Work

The Future Challenges team works together to choose each topic that we discuss. We gather proposals from our network, select a general topic from these proposals, draft several important questions, and then vote together on the final question. This content package deals with Women’s Work and International Women’s Day. Let’s start with a look at some pictures that were taken by our bloggers.

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Our team voted for the following question:

One of the most widely-heralded developments of recent decades has been the growing participation of women in the workforce. In the developing world, some research suggests that this can be one of the strongest drivers of economic growth. In the developed world, it is an increasing necessity as populations shrink and age. These are important components of women’s economic contributions worldwide, but do they capture the most important elements? What is gained – and what, if anything, is lost – as women assume an ever-larger share of a country’s economic burden?

Future Challenges authors are in 65 countries in the developed and the developing world. Take your pick from the Local Views on the right, and explore the ways in which writers from around the world think about this critical issue.

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