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Relationship Trouble. Future Challenges Reader Volume 5 is Published

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Future Challenges Reader Volume 5

We have received lots of positive feedback for our Future Challenges Readers. That’s why we’re happy to present you the fifth in a series of FC Readers.

This volume examines the relationship between the state and its citizens, both as it looks now and how it might look in the years ahead as economic, demographic and social pressures build. We ask whether the social-welfare state is likely to rise supreme or, instead, some variety of unfettered capitalism with minimal state involvement. Is it possible that new models will arise that we have not yet imagined? And what should citizens in general expect from their governments in the future? These are no easy questions. To answer them requires reflections on personal responsibility, the advantages of collective action, historical examples, and the value of a state per se. This Reader is Future Challenges’ own contribution to the discussion, with writings that cover the United States (Josh Grundleger), Nepal (Bhumika Ghimire), El Salvador (Mariana Belloso), Hungary (Daniel Vekony), Australia (Dominika Ricardi), Mexico (Daniel Kapellmann) and Bhutan (Noa Jones).

This 5th volume is again published under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. So please feel free to use the texts for non-commercial purposes!


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