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The Green Economy and Sustainable Development in China

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Asia Policy Briefs

The „Asia-Policy-Briefs“ analyze political and economic developments in Asia and reflect on their impact on Germany and Europe. The short briefing papers focus on current events as well as underlying trends in important Asian countries. In addition, they seek to develop concepts and strategies for politics and society on how to react to the ongoing change.

China’s past economic development model has not been sustainable, at least in environmental terms. In recent years, the Chinese government has dedicated considerable time, planning energy, policy and rhetoric to “green” issues. However, there is a risk that this trend will be stalled by struggles related to pending economic problems and the upcoming leadership transition. Consequently, the international community should acknowledge China’s achievements in terms of environmental policy and cooperation as one way of serving the global public interest.

Doris Fischer explains the efforts of the Chinese government to transform the current economic system into a “Green Economy”. She argues that the West should support these efforts more than it does at present and pleads for greater mutual cooperation.

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