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THRIVE – Magazine of the Global Economic Symposium

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FC_org is partner of the Global Economic Symposium (GES) in Kiel. One reason for this partnership is to open up the GES community towards a broader and wider audience on the Internet. “THRIVE” is part of this endeavour. In various articles and topics we linked the scientific experts with online visionaires. It wasn’t always smooth and easy – but we made it ;-)

The overall theme of “THRIVE” is new forces of global governance – which are they and how can we achieve something that deserves this name global governance.

“We cannot simply wait and hope for global governance to materialize. Every one of us, wherever we may be, is called upon to consider, develop and promote appropriate structures. This includes the de-facto replacement of the G8 by the G20, as well as the World Social Forum, the establishment of an international network of community foundations, and the use of social media for mobilization purposes. We need to abandon the idea that we can combine all of these forces into one single organization. The challenge, rather, is to connect them.” (Gunter Thielen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bertelsmann Stiftung).

“This magazine makes an extraordinary demand on its readers. The demand is this: Don’t just be readers; come and join our community of activists. Bring your experiences, initiatives, thoughts, hopes, dreams into our common space on the GES website. Participate actively in our community by telling us how you are affected by our global challenges, how you are taking responsibility for addressing them, how you are seeking to work with others in shaping a better future.” (Dennis J. Snower, President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy).

So – please flip through and let us know what you think! An online version of the magazine will follow soon – so stay tuned ;-)