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  • Orando por un poco de paz.

    La carísima paz

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    You can live in relative peace in El Salvador, if you have the resources to afford it. There’s a direct relation between how poor people are, and how vulnerable they are in front of the country’s violence and insecurity.

    A minority, the same portion of the population with de higher income, can buy “peace”, in the form of private security services, bodyguards, armored vehicles or extra secured houses.

    But the rest, the people with lower income, have to deal with robbery, violations, extortions, and other types of violence. 

  • Minería y agua: caso Cerro Blanco (Guatemala-El Salvador)

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    Abstract: In El Salvador, where access to potable water is yet to be acknowledged by the law as a guarantee to all citizens, therefore forcing the government to ensure it will be available to anyone, most water comes from Lempa River, which is highly contaminated. Being fed by many streams […]

  • En búsqueda de la supervivencia laboral en El Salvador

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    Abstract: In El Salvador, there aren’t many options for students after they finish their high school or university studies. Unemployment or underemployment is quite common, especially for young, fresh graduates with no work experience. Many tend to migrate to the United States where some members of their families already live. […]