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  • The Unjust Limbo of Afghan Migrants in Pakistan

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    It isn’t unusual to hear of people migrating out of Pakistan; even people who know little of Pakistan – except that it exists, and they should be afraid of it – know a Pakistani migrant or two. However, what few people know – correction, what almost no one knows – is that Pakistan is also home to a thriving population of immigrants itself. Yes we can play that game too; it’s not just you who can do it mister developed world.

  • Workshop on gender sensitive reporting and labour laws, in Sialkot Pakistan

    Our Urgent Need for Gender Sensitive Reporting

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    Media craves news that attracts huge audiences and breaking news seems to be an indispensible part of every news channel. Reports having to do with women are always attention-grabbing, whether they be the appointment of the pregnant Marissa Mayer as CEO of Yahoo! in California or the shooting of Malala […]

  • Changing patterns: Woman’s work in Pakistan

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    I believe that cultural patterns of ‘woman’s work’ are changing and that this change is having a marked effect on the economy itself. While researching this,  I talked to two women from different economic, social, cultural and educational backgrounds about such changes in behavior and how they interrelate to changes […]