Thinking global, living local: Voices in a globalized world

  • Mining and Rural Communities in the Philippines – Clemente Bautista

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    This is a long version of the answers that Clemente Bautista (President of Kalikasan: People’s Network for the Environment) gave us for the Lead Article A Zero-Sum Game? which deals with the following question: Rapid globalization makes competition for land, raw materials and other resources intense. When the stakes are so high, can […]

  • Finance, Innovation and Social Cohesion

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    This article was originally drafted by Noviscape for the newsletter “Trendnovation Southeast” as part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Searchlight Process. For more Searchlight content on, please click here. World Bank building in Washington, D.C. (By Shiny Things (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons) In the aftermath of the 1997 financial crisis, […]