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  • A neighbourhood garden in Berlin, Germany

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    As part of our  coverage on “The New City” we asked our bloggers for some pictures from their cities. Are there any places in their cities that are prime examples for sustainable urban living? But it could also be a negative example in order to show how a city should not […]

  • Regional Solutions to Biodiversity Conservation

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    Biodiversity conservation is an urgent matter worldwide. Ecosystem loss and degradation have become pressing issues globally with thousands of species becoming threatened or extinct each year, often in the name of development. From the early 1970s, several conventions culminating in strategic reports or plans have promoted awareness and action for […]

  • Namibia’s Anti-BioPiracy Bill

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    Research suggests that trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights, when specifically applied to “traditional” or indigenous knowledge, genetic material and plant and animal life, have a detrimental effect on biodiversity. The 2001 Doha Declaration suggested that the TRIPS Council look at the “patent-ability or non patent-ability of plant and animal […]

  • Bhutan’s Money Minting Larva/fungi

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    In 1998 Norman Myers, a British environmentalist specializing in biodiversity, ranked Bhutan as one of the top ten biodiversity hotspots in the world. This was because: i) the diverse topography and climatic conditions – ranging from Alpine conditions in the north to temperate and sub-tropical conditions in the south – […]

  • International Climate Policy

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    Interview with Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. He is Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and a member of Deutsche Bank’s Climate Change Advisory Board. Professor Schellnhuber, can you outline from a scientific perspective why there is an urgent need to take action on global climate protection? To […]