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  • Poland in crisis? What crisis are you talking about?

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    This part of the world has a long history of living in very rough social conditions. Their wealth of experience with rough conditions makes people here much more resilient in facing the so-called “crisis” the world is going through nowadays. Let me share my story and show you where people […]

  • How to fight the crisis Slovak style

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    One of the first effects of the crisis on Slovakia – one of the most open, export dependent economies in Europe  – was felt when the country’s rich customers started importing fewer Slovak goods. Similar problems have started to occur again recently, with the slowdown in China, a major destination […]

  • Exportar microfinanzas

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    [jwplayer mediaid=”16971″]   Abstract: In the 1980’s a couple of NGO’s started working on the possibilities of introducing micro-finance in Bolivia. These NGO’s suceeded in their task mainly because they received international cooperation and because state politics allowed them to introduce this new finantial system designed to grant credit to […]

  • Is there a “Home” to return to?

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    Migrants who come back home can return with valuable new skills and contacts that can positively affect their home countries’ job market. But matters of identity, questions of belonging and shame at returning empty-handed can overwhelm purely economic concerns. This year’s Berlin Film Festival showed two films dealing with characters […]