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  • Cultural Aggressiveness and Mexico´s War on Drugs

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    In October 2012, the Canadian journal La Presse published “Sans son arme, un Américain se croit en danger au Canada”, a peculiar story about an American policeman and his wife who vacationed in Canada but complained about the strong Canadian restrictions on carrying weapons. The sarcastically written article told the […]

  • Peace can be found. Photo taken by Jimmy Brown on Flickr, part of Yahoo Public Domain

    The clash of civilizations and the peace hypothesis

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    Nearly seven billion human beings live on this planet called Earth. Although these seven billion belong to the same species, they are very different. Hundreds and maybe thousands of beliefs occupy their minds. Differences in race, ethnicity, culture, and geographical position have turned mankind into a competing, violent, intolerant race […]

  • The open field of innovations

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    At the core of the open philosophy is a belief in an equal world full of possibilities – that a good idea, expertise or the right trigger can come from anyone, from anywhere. As the festival rolled on, it continuously demonstrated that this belief is well-grounded with amazing innovations being […]

  • War and Peace

    War & Peace

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    Is peace between individuals and societies possible, or is conflict simply a part of human nature? Does it differ from culture to culture, religion to religion, nation to nation?

  • 5 medals

    Mongolian Sportspersons Do their Country Proud!

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    We were all affected and inspired by Olympic fervor and it was a proud moment for Mongolia when  a Mongolian woman wrestler, two judokas and two boxers won a total of five medals at the 2012 London Olympics.Wherever I went people were talking about the judokas  and boxers at the Olympics […]