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  • Stories of Filipino Women told to a Curacaoan

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    During my visit to the Philippines in early August, I noticed very many differences between the lives of the poor in Asia, the Caribbean and Europe. Growing up, I had always found it very difficult to understand the widely different lives people led. Of course, as you grow older you […]

  • CARICOM: Good Ideas, Bad Execution

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    Moving from the Caribbean to Europe was an interesting experience for me. One thing that really astonished me was how integrated EU countries were. I hadn’t realized (prior to moving here) how easy it would be to move around, use the same currency and allow information to flow freely between […]

  • The Migration Effect: A “Hybrid” Culture

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    In the age of migration and globalization, it is often argued that we need to remember where we come from. Whenever people ask me about my roots, I catch myself thinking twice. Where do I actually come from? The answer indeed is quite complex. I was born and raised on […]