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  • Nepal: Democracy Dreams

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    “An ideal form of government is democracy tempered with assassination.” Voltaire suggested more than two centuries ago. Scan the headlines of any major broadsheet today and you can see that many countries (Nepal included)  have taken the assassination bit more seriously than the democracy part. Nepal has been flirting with […]

  • Transformation Thinkers Conference: Lessons Learned

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    The Berlin Wall and ThePianist (2002), a biographical war drama film were  my primary sources of information about Germany since 2003, derived  from my bachelors study in International Relations- war and genocide being my points of reference. This time my trip to the Transformation Thinkers Conference in Berlin, organized by the Bertelsmann […]

  • Halting the Democratic Rollback in Pakistan

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    The “rollback” of democracies has always been a part of history ever since the concept was conceived. However, there have been both successful and unsuccessful attempts to sustain democratic processes for the benefit of society and the people. Whether successful or unsuccessful, such efforts are always commendable. The development of […]

  • Democracy on Life Support: The view from within Hungary

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    Future Challenges blogger Kinga Szalkai discusses Hungary’s political future. Do you think policies such as those of Fidesz/Orbán are viable in the twenty-first century? Do you think they are appropriate to prepare Hungary as an EU member state in the next 5-10 years? Szálkai: I do not think that looking […]