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  • Bolivia’s economic growth seen from a different angle

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    The article responds to the Secrets of Transformation multimedia series, a joint project of Bertelsmann Transformation Index and Deutsche Welle.  Transformational is without a doubt the best word to define the past decade in Bolivia. Changes began even before Evo Morales became the country’s (and South America’s) first indigenous president, as people campaigned for changes […]

  • La austeridad del Presidente

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    Abstract: In Bolivia, the forced austerity is poverty. Poverty in a very rich country, rich in minerals, oil and its people, but a long history of mishandling of the public finances has led us to a deeply divided society. Our current president however, gave a different tone to things in 2006 […]

  • Bolivia & Chile: Less Hot Air, More Gas

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    You can’t win at the negotiation table what you lost on the battlefield. But you can sell gas to the people who beat you. On April 24, the  International Court of Justice at The Hague heard the Plurinational State of Bolivia’s petition against Chile over the 250 miles of coastline that the […]