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  • The 57 varieties of globalization – where do we start?

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    Day Three of the Tällberg Forum dealt with the topic of leadership in a globalized complex world. And throughout the day the palpable air of uncertainty and tentativeness that hung over experts and ordinary non-experts alike was very striking – regardless of whether speakers were attempting to approach globalization in […]

  • Protest in Rio de Janeiro - 06.17.2013

    Is global complexity governable?

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    For over 30 years now the Tällberg Foundation has offered a consistently fresh perspective and an equally alluring format with its Forum held in the little village of the same name on the shores of Lake Siljan. Far from the beaten tracks of civilization, 300 people mainly from the Western world come […]

  • Slideshow: Discussing future global threats

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    Three experts came together at the British Council in Berlin to discuss how to deal with future global threats. The panel discussion speakers were Elke Hoff, Member of Parliament, Terence Taylor, President of the International Council for the Life Sciences, Dr. Rainer Wessel, Director of CI3 Clustermanagment. The discussion was […]

  • How to improve our reaction to future global threats?

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    New technology can improve our living standards but, if misused, it can also become a threat. In a continuously globalizing world, there is a growing concern around being able to react to natural and technological threats. Last Thursday the representation of the British Council in Berlin staged a panel discussion bringing […]