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  • Romania’s Gilded Opportunity

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    These past  days Romania’s little corner of the Internet has been all astir : lines have been drawn in the sand and crossed, war drums  beaten and in a very uncharacteristic move, Romanians have  once more taken to the streets. The reason? A controversial gold mining project has recently been approved […]

  • Mining and Inuit Communities in Canada – Tom Hoefer

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    This is a long version of the answer that Tom Hoefer (Executive Director, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Chamber of Mines) gave us for the Lead Article A Zero-Sum Game? which deals with the following question: Rapid globalization makes competition for land, raw materials and other resources intense. When the stakes are so high, can rural, […]

  • The Quest for Colombian Gold

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    Colombia’s mining industry is trying to re-write its history. Can it turn paramilitary incursions, envorinmental chaos and land disputes into friendlier mining? Participating in the world economy with a highly strategical mineral and preserving the environment seem to be at odds with each other in Colombia . And issues like […]