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  • Barcamp: How the Internet Changes our Reality

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    What’s the hashtag for this revolution? From #solidarity to #occupy, we’re seeing the power of Internet-enabled political action all around us. Individuals can organize quickly, they can unify around ideas, they can find and spread information (and misinformation) with lightning speed. It’s obvious that virtual platforms can have real-world impact, […]

  • Occupy Wall Street: Time for Real Organization

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    In the summer of 2009, screaming Tea Party members calling on Americans to “get the country back” were a common scene at Town Halls organized to discuss President Obama’s health care legislation. “Obamacare” as they called it, was an evil scheme designed to snatch away individual rights regarding health care decisions. It […]

  • Has America Found Its Occupation?

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    I could hear the bongos playing from down the block. As I walked closer to Zuccotti Park, the pseudo headquarters of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, every one of my senses lit up. I saw colorful costumes and hand-painted signs, I felt the massive throng of people sliding along as […]

  • The Greater We: Who is the ‘We’?

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    While 20th century promised us wonderlands, 21st century is bringing in a new clarity through revolutions where the greater we knows that a ‘final solution’ is never feasible and there are many ‘we’s in a ‘greater we’.