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  • What’s the matter with European Socialism?

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    Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s signature “Agenda 2010” welfare and labor reforms may have established the foundations for Germany’s economic success, but these came at the expense of both social security at home and European neighbors abroad. The European Left has yet to recover. “Europe will be Socialist or it will […]

  • My daughter won´t be your maid

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    Felipe Quispe, a prominent indigenous leader who sieged the city of La Paz in 2000 in order to induce the structural change our country needed so much was a student at the San Andrés University in La Paz. He was a History student and got some of his protest ideas […]

  • Discussion on Inequality and Social Media in China

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    This blogpost is written by Ting Xu, Senior Project Manager at the Bertelsmann Foundation North America. Recently I joined a discussion on the Al Jazeera English network’s live broadcast of The Stream. The show, which taps the capabilities of social media to present global perspectives from under-represented individuals and groups, […]