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  • Bangladesh fights malnutrition … with zinc!

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      While its much affluent neighbour, India, is busy squabbling over a Right to Food Bill, Bangladesh has been busy. Bangladesh has just launched the world’s first zinc-enriched rice variety. With a country that’s fighting acute malnourishment, and which has one of the highest rates in the world with 41% of children […]

  • Prevention Reduces Death Threat.

    Prevention is better than cure is an old saying but one that still holds true and on a much larger scale than one might at first think.  The economic burden that the health sector puts on the already mismanaged economies of third world countries could be substantially reduced by practising preventive medicine and educating […]

  • Hambre y sobrepeso en Bolivia

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    Abstract: Bolivia, a country with aproximately 9 million inhabitants, has a 27% of its population suffering from malnutrition (undernourishment). The government is attacking the problem from two points, in the one hand place the Health Department has a strong campaign focused on children up to two years of age, on […]