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  • Notes on global migration from a small Slovak village

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    In the village where I’m living you can meet people from different nations. Mostly Slovaks and Hungarians. A few Czechs, Serbs, some Vietnamese and Chinese. Sometimes Gypsies. And also someone of clearly Sub-Saharan origin. A football championship between various groups living in our area took place recently at our local stadium where I […]

  • The Challenges of Fixing the Hungarian Brain Drain

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    As ever more Hungarians decide to leave the country, Hungary faces a creeping social crisis. Who will replace those young talents who emigrate? And what effect will this have on the way we Hungarians define ourselves? To understand such questions, you have to dig deeper into the history of the […]

  • Pakistan: An inferno for minorities?

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    The year 2012 was a relatively grim one for Pakistan when it comes to minority rights and the notorious blasphemy laws of the country. One of many incidents worth noting took place right after Pakistan celebrated its 65th independence day in the sacred month of Ramadan with a vow to […]