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  • Prevention Reduces Death Threat.

    Prevention is better than cure is an old saying but one that still holds true and on a much larger scale than one might at first think.  The economic burden that the health sector puts on the already mismanaged economies of third world countries could be substantially reduced by practising preventive medicine and educating […]

  • Danish Butter

    Slim chances for Denmark’s ‘fat tax’

    Danish media are overflowing with news and views on the recently-instated ‘fat tax’, which increases the cost of food products containing saturated fats. Being the first of its kind, the Danish fat tax prompted headlines around the world when it was proposed in October 2010 and took effect in October […]

  • Matters of the Heart

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    The rapid economic growth India is experiencing seems to have  hit Indian hearts with a vengance. It’s a hard and sorry fact that many young Indians are now dying of heart attacks  even though this may not make headline news the way India’s rural poor and emaciated children do. The Indian male in his thirties […]

  • A Chilean Completo, by Paul Lowry

    A Piggy Problem in Chile

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    From the beginning of time, we have always invented and discovered new ways to live a healthy life and secure a reliable supply of food. In modern times we have secured food supplies by cultivating vast swathes of land and keeping large herds of livestock, and we are safeguarding our well-being by […]

  • Should we Regulate Sugar?

    Alcohol is regulated, so is cigarette and so are drugs; should we regulate sugar, too? asks this woman, writing for the New York Times. It seems that the health problems caused by this substance, although slow-moving, create numerous insidious complications and cause incalculable burdens for national health budgets. Read more […]