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  • Mujer, joven, trabajadora y pobre

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      Abstract: For women in El Salvador, living in the city and having a steady job are not a guarantee for overcoming poverty. Thousands of female workers in sectors such as domestic service, and the textile and clothing industry, work for low wages with which they must keep their families. And they are […]

  • Orando por un poco de paz.

    La carísima paz

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    You can live in relative peace in El Salvador, if you have the resources to afford it. There’s a direct relation between how poor people are, and how vulnerable they are in front of the country’s violence and insecurity.

    A minority, the same portion of the population with de higher income, can buy “peace”, in the form of private security services, bodyguards, armored vehicles or extra secured houses.

    But the rest, the people with lower income, have to deal with robbery, violations, extortions, and other types of violence. 

  • Los rostros de San Salvador

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    Abstract: San Salvador was a small town built by a group of architects who didn’t dare to dream big. It was meant to be just a small town in a small country.  Now that San Salvador has realized that it is just one of many small towns in a globalized […]