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  • Nepal: Social Media for Social Change

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    The recently published Corruption Perceptions Index ranks Nepal at the 154th position- the second most corrupt country in South Asia while Afghanistan comes in first at the 180th ranking. This poor showing, however, is no accident. In fact, corruption in Nepal is decades old and a deep festering sore which neither […]

  • Threefold Democratisation via the Internet

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    „How the Internet Changes Our Reality“ was the motto for a BarCamp that was hosted by, the Humbold Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft and the Club of Rome. As you might imagine, this title left much room for a variety of sessions (Here you can see a list with […]

  • Activism Going Digital, Activism Going Global

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    We can see how technologies impact almost every aspect of our lives – from the way we find our spouse to the way we work. What about activism going digital? Being mostly enthusiastic about new technologies and the broken boundaries they brought us, I never questioned their importance and influence […]