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  • Solar Power for Development

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    Mexican sun and German technology are the two key components of Gregor Schapers’ innovative project. Deep in rural Mexico, in a small town of 450 inhabitants called El Sauz, Schapers, a German entrepreneur, founded Trinysol, a firm specializing in building cheap solar reflectors for small local businesses to bake, cook […]

  • Inclusive Growth and Apartheid’s Shadow

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    South Africa is soon to enter its twentieth year as a democratic nation. Looking back over the 19 years of its existence up to this point, it is evident that, as with most teenagers, South Africa’s ride has been far from smooth. While South Africa has experienced significant and consistent […]

  • Unboxing empathy: The hidden city

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    Unbox festival is a design festival held in Delhi. The first among 3 article, this one gives a glimpse into the creative collaborations that are challenging the prevalent notions of urban development and housing.