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War & Peace – a conversation with Yohana de Andrade

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From Yohana:

Hey Tom!

I’ve been thinking about your email all day. As I strongly disagree with you, I tried to understand your point of view.

Maybe because I live in a country that doesn’t get involved in wars as much as United States (or other countries) do, I simply don’t get it.

One thing is another country to protect their citizens from the lack of rule of law. When this happen, the United Nations (after all, it literally represents the nations) should do something, not just 1 particular country. As an example, the genocide in Rwanda didn’t get as much attention from USA as it should.

Other thing, completely different, is going to another country to “bring democracy”. Again, as an non-American, that’s what seems when we read news about wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Well, but that’s my point of view, of course. The last war Brazil really got involved in was in Paraguayan war, in 1870, and it’s a embarrassing memory for us.


warm regards


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