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  • Climate Change Handbook for Regional Water Planning

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    Developed cooperatively by DWR, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Resources Legacy Fund, and The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Climate Change Handbook for Regional Water Planning provides a framework for considering climate change in water management planning. Key decision considerations, resources, tools, and decision options are presented that will […]

  • UN-Water Annual Report 2010

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    The 2010 UN-Water Annual Report is now available to download. The report contains information on all of UN-Waters activities in 2010, along with updates on it’s pubilcations, programmes, task forces and thematic priority areas. [issuu width=420 height=297 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111201124526-22f848ed57d44faeb7a20d99e13f739f name=unw_annual_report_2010 username=futurechallenges tag=climate%20change unit=px id=e5ade81c-7f01-4084-3201-3fbd3a2f3e1b v=2] The material available via this […]

  • Energy for Sustainable Development: Policy Options for Africa

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    Over the last four decades, the gap between energy supply and demand in Africa has been growing. Projections by experts in the field forecast that this gap will continue to grow, and the livelihood of more Africans will continue to be critically impaired by energy poverty, that will seriously slow […]

  • Strengthening PPP to Accelerate Global Electricity Technology Deployment

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    The e8 and UN-Energy, with many partners launched the global initiative for “Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships” to advance sustainable energy development. The focus of the initiative was to jointly identify effective and meaningful partnerships that support and promote the global deployment of low and zero-emitting electricity technologies at country, regional and […]

  • Workshop on E-Waste Management in Kenya

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    Recommendations from the National Stakeholders Workshop on E-Waste Management in Kenya. UNEP Headquarters, Nairobi, 7 September 2010. [issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111201113902-4d922c413dbd4dc8a33acb724969b863 name=e-waste_workshop_recommendations_final_1_ username=futurechallenges tag=e-waste unit=px id=1f9a1fe1-2ac0-d2ac-d03c-ed1772934808 v=2] The material available via this link was produced by the United Nations.