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This page features a compilation of our Spanish-language content from Latin America.

  • Cuando “globalización” significa emigrar

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    Abstract: Two American cities, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., have as many Salvadoran residents as San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador. These millions who have left are often in search of higher wages and better job opportunities to support themselves and family back home. So what happens when “globalization” means “emigration”? […]

  • Farewell to Saray / Hasta siempre Saray

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      On January 3rd of this year, Sara Martin Rojo passed away in an unfortunate car accident. Multimedia Doctorate student at Unicamp University (Brazil), blogger of Future Challenges, dearest friend, a spirit serving life. The loss is irreparable. Saray, as many of us knew her, used to offer her whole […]

  • La pobreza de la clase media globalizada

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    Abstract: Amid the misery that abounds and overflows the streets of developing countries, advertising shows us happy and perfect families experiencing moments of ecstasy and communion under the taste of a Coke, or deluded girls who inhabit the bichromatic world of Barbie, the eroticized gothic of Monster High or the centennial […]

  • Sobre conejos, renos y nieves tropicales

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    Abstract: All my memories about Christmas involve snow and a Santa Clauss going down a chimney, in the middle of the equatorial tropic. How are these traditions stablished as such, specially when they are not related to our reality? How or why do we keep repeating and continuing these traditions? There […]