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2013 Global Economic Symposium As I Saw It

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Leading experts on sustainable development gathered in the German city of Kiel to discuss solutions to emerging global challenges. In the picture essay below, I set out to capture some personal highlights from this year’s Global Economic Symposium and Kiel. The time is now for the world to work as a team to find solutions to socioeconomic issues like climate change, poverty, inequality, imbalanced trade, and economic crisis in order to ensure sustainable growth.


Global brains in meetings like the one pictured below can be the genesis of lasting solutions.


Pictured below is a man parking his bicycle. Taking all the measures we can to reduce our carbon footprint would help so much in alleviating the challenge of climate change. Carbon emissions from cars contribute to climate change. Riding bicycles can help in preventing a climate catastrophe.


The wooden bicycle is another eco-friendly option.


 We should not be deterred by challenges.


Everyone should strive to create a good world.


We need to cooperate to sustainably achieve such a world.


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