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Video: Sunita Narain, Indian environmental activist

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One of the most compelling visions for adapting to climate change in the developing world, another topic of the GES2011 panel discussions, came from Sunita Narain. She is one of the most resolute Indian environmental and political activists and is running India’s Centre for Science and Environment, which now has over 100 staff members and a very dynamic research and advocacy profile.

We’ve talked to her about the duties and commitments of the rich towards the poor when it comes to climate change adaptation, about technology transfer and about how much money there actually is on the table:

Corina Murafa

Corina Murafa holds a Master in Public Policy, with a focus on economic policy and European governance, from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. An energy expert, Corina's current work in Romania was preceded by stints with the United Nations Development Programme, Deloitte Consulting, and with the Romanian Academic Society. She is a former Open Society Institute fellow (New York) and is currently an associate fellow for the Aspen Institute Romania, where she acts as elected Chairperson of the alumni network.