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Bertelsmann Foundation – Financial Times: 4th annual financial conference

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My colleagues in the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington DC are going to organize their annual financial conference. Also this year some fc_org bloggers will attend in this event. They will have the chance to report directly from the introduction of a concept for an alternative credit rating agency!

Agenda of the conference

Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2012 8:30am – 4:00pm
Attendance restrictions: by invitation only
Location: Washington, DC

On Thursday, April 19, 2012, just one day before the start of this year’s World Bank and International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings, the Bertelsmann Foundation is again joining forces with the Financial Times for their 4th annual financial conference. This year’s event, with media sponsor China Daily, will focus on labor-market reform and innovation, global financial governance and a presentation of a new Bertelsmann Foundation report for establishing an international, non-profit credit rating agency.

The conference takes place against a rapidly changing international backdrop. In the United States, Washington is preparing for another bruising presidential election. As fundamental questions about the federal government’s role and a need for fiscal austerity characterize the campaign, an election year is traditionally a time for policymakers to avoid taking controversial decisions on major issues. At the same time, Europe continues to struggle with a currency crisis that could threaten EU structures and continental unity. And emerging economies – from Brazil to India to China – consequently face greater obstacles to maintain recently impressive rates of growth.

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