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Don’t Go Protectionist! Trade and Investment Relations between the EU and China

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Asia Policy Briefs

The „Asia-Policy-Briefs“ analyze political and economic developments in Asia and reflect on their impact on Germany and Europe. The short briefing papers focus on current events as well as underlying trends in important Asian countries. In addition, they seek to develop concepts and strategies for politics and society on how to react to the ongoing change.

In May 2012 the European Parliament has proposed the creation of a body to monitor foreign – in particular Chinese – investment in the EU. The initiative, driven by fears of unfair competition and a hidden political agenda behind Chinese investments, should be rejected. There are better ways to promote openness and transparency in Sino-European economic relations.

Cora Jungbluth und Helmut Hauschild demonstrate that the EU and China are both benefiting from their economic exchange. However allegations of dumping from the European side and the discrimination of European corporations in China are constantly creating tensions. Against this backdrop the authors argue for greater transparency on both sides as a key for mitigating current and future disputes

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