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Interested in working for We are looking for a WordPress Specialist!

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Who we are

We, 160 bloggers and other supporters, are The network offers activists and bloggers the opportunity to present their personal views on the effects of globalization for the attention of a global audience. We aim to show a human perspective on the topic of globalization which otherwise is usually described in abstract terms like the amounts of traded goods and flows of trade and finance. People must first understand what globalization means before they can act as consumers, producers or political actors to influence developments. Only then can they shape the process of globalization based on their ideals. was originally founded by the German Bertelsmann Stiftung, the biggest operative foundation in Europe. Future Challenges will break fresh ground in 2014 and can only provide unpaid engagements. We can provide you a really huge outreach of your activity and access to a global network.

You can help us with the following tasks

  • Keeping our CMS up-to-date
  • Helping our bloggers and regional editors in case they have any problems with WordPress functionalities
  • Implementing some minor changes to the website

What you have

  • Profound WordPress skills, respectively many years of work experience with WordPress
  • Good organisational skills
  • Motivation and enthusiasm to work within an international project
  • Very good English skills
  • You are always up-to-date regarding new Internet technologies
  • You are active in Social Media
  • You are an open-minded person who is keen on communicating with people form all over the world

What you get

  • The chance of including your own ideas regarding the FutureChallenges-project
  • The opportunity to develop the idea of
  • A great network of engaged authors and editors
  • Access to our network with international well known institutions
  • Contact to authors and editors from around the globe
  • An opportunity to show your WordPress skills to a global audience

Are you interested?

Please send us an e-mail:

The FutureChallenges Team at the Regional Editor’s Workshop in St. Peter Ording (Germany)/ 2013

The FutureChallenges Team at the Regional Editor’s Workshop in St. Peter Ording (Germany)/ 2013



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