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Welcome to Relaunch!

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The past months seemed to me like FutureChallenges was leading a double life. Feeding the “old” website with content in order to keep it running and at the same time creating the new one and finally uploading lead articles, blogposts, videos and so on to the new website. For you as the users only the “old” website was visible but we were working very hard to create the new one.

These times of modern technologies are somehow crazy, aren’t they? I was working in the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s head office in Gütersloh, as well as Ole and Henrik (if he was not in Berlin), collaborating with Ulrike who travels around the world but keeps in contact with us from every corner of the world; with Tom and Jonathan in the Bertelsmann Foundation’s office in Washington, D.C.;  with the web agency Headshift which is based in London and with Steve, working in London as well. Furthermore our regional editors from all over the world have been giving us feedback and helpful suggestions.

Today, FutureChallenges’ users can see what our team has been working on for the last six months or so.  This is exactly the time frame of my internship with the Futurechallenges team of the Bertelsmann Stiftung which started in January. I was given the opportunity to be fully integrated into the project and to initiate my own ideas.

The communication between all of us – across countries and continents – was excellent and everybody contributed to where we have arrived today. Thanks to all of you!

Mario Wiedemann Twitter: mariosorg

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