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North Africa and Europe – democratic values more important than ever before

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Emphasizing the need for the EU to assume a more visible and active stance in support of democratization, the North African authors call upon the EU to demonstrate greater moral support and resolve in the pursuit of goals rather than increased funding.

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Hi all – my name is Ole, and I’m the head of In my opinion, the Internet is going to play an essential role in coping with global future challenges. Currently, I see economic globalization and global governance as the two most central issues. These trends, and how they interact with others like demographic change and security, make the lives of people around the world complex and insecure, and make it tougher for political and economic decision-makers to make good long-term decisions. We need new rules and methods for decision-making. Dear politicians: please consider all of us when you make important choices. It’s our world, not yours. Please follow me also on my personal blog