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  • Engaging citizens in ‘greening’ Brisbane

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    One of the things I love most about my home town of Brisbane is its ‘green heart’ – a patchwork quilt of parks and nature reserves spread throughout and around the city. However, it is also one of Australia’s fastest growing cities (by about 16,000 extra people per year).  Consequently, […]

  • Dennis Snower on creating a global identity

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    During this year’s Salzburg Trilogue, Dennis Snower gave an interview on the Global Economic Symposium’s attempt to create global identity. He concludes that global problems like climate change and the financial crisis cannot be sufficiently addressed on the national level; they require global cooperation and global solutions. “The GES is […]

  • Yale Global Online – developing global connections

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    As global connections led to global problems, the need to develop collective rules of governance become apparent. Of the myriad issues calling for global governance, nothing is perhaps more urgent than a global agreement to deal with the threat of climate change. read more  

  • Juan J. Daboub on adapting to climate change

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    Juan J. Daboub founded the Global Adaptation Institute. It is a non-profit environmental organization guided by a vision of building resilience against climate change and other global forces as a key component to sustainable development. Their mission is to enhance the world’s understanding of the urgency for adaptation to climate […]

  • Hungarian Politics and Climate Change – Can It Be Different?

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    In Central and Eastern Europe’s relatively new democracies, environmental consciousness and its political manifestations are generally weaker than in Western Europe. More than twenty years have now passed since the democratic turn in Hungary, but the revolution in the ‘hearts and minds’ – at least as far as questions of […]