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  • at the Social Media Week in Hamburg

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    Social Media Week is a global platform that explores the impact of social media and its role in driving economic, political and societal change. A global event, the presentations and get-togethers take place simultaneously in more than 20 cities all over the world. was invited to give a presentation […]

  • Session report: How barcamps can change the world….

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    A promising title- yet only few participants in the session. Were there no believers at the barcamp? Perhaps.. Indeed the title is very grandiose and my expectations about hearing a magic formula with which to cure the world were quite high. Of course I didn’t hear any such thing. BUT… […]

  • Mobile Learning Environment

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    The MoLE (Mobile Learning Environment) project is a collaboration between 22 nations, sponsored by the US Government. These partners are working together to build a platform independent set of tools aimed at learning collaboration and information sharing on mobile devices. Read more