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  • Parto de Clara Beatriz, en el Hospital Ginecológico.

    De dólares y partos

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    Abstract: I have two daughters. The older one was born in a public hospital, and the younger one in a private facility. My experiences in each case were so dramatically different that I’m still shocked when I remember them. Having money to pay private attention was the main difference. My […]

  • The UN Summit on NCD’s

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    The CEO of an organization called the “World Heart Federation” talks about the UN Summit, and summarizes the problematic around NCDs. It seems that the UN summit really seemed for many people as an important moment in the planification of our nearby future.

  • Unite in the fight against NCDs

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    This illustrated video presented by the WHO serves as a great introduction to the problematic of NCDs. In only one minute and 47 seconds you’ll know almost everything you need to know about them without any spoken word.

  • No Smoking

    No Smoking

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    Smoking can look nice in a good photography, but if you take one second to analyze it, this person is attempting against his health and against your own health care system. Photo taken by The Djudju Beast, published on (CC BY-NC 2.0)