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  • Illegal Immigrants’ Dilemma in Sending Money Home

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    Just like  other Middle Eastern people, the people of South Asian region – especially of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and  India – dream of being rich and setting up in some developed country preferably in North America or Europe. The only difference is that the situation becomes worse when most people […]

  • The Bent Given by Education Will Determine All That Follows

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    The sustainability of the educational system is one of the important weapons that will effectively address key problems and global challenges in Pakistan knows Maria Farooq. As a nation we are confronted with global challenges — greater competition, persistent pressures to innovate, new global markets and production options — in […]

  • Education Outreach – Weapon Against Terrorism in Pakistan

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    Educating the masses of any country may be our only weapon when it comes to fighting the creation of terrorists and extremists says Rabab Khan. Education is often considered the yardstick of a country’s progress and is one of several indicators used to gauge a developing country’s measure of progress. […]